João Federici

After graduating in drama with a specialization in creative producing, João founded his own production company, Ideias & Ideais, in 1993 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more than two decades since, he’s continued to produce critically-acclaimed and financially successful plays and films between Brazil, Portugal and USA.

Beginning in 1996, he started working with MixBrasil Festival of Diversity – the largest LGBTQ -themed film festival in Latin America. And since 2006, he’s been the Artistic and Executive Director.

He’s been a guest curator and programmer of Brazillian-themed programs in numerous festivals around the world and has participated on the jury in such festivals as: Cannes Film Festival (France); Berlinale Film Festival (Germany); Guadalajara Film Festival (Mexico); Frameline (USA); OutFest (USA); Mix Milano (Italy); TLVFilmFest (Israel); Queer Lisboa (Portugal); and D.iva (Chile) among others.